Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Workshop Mathematics in Industry

December 5, 2022

Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Žitná 25, Prague


The aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to foster cooperation between industry and mathematicians working in academia. There will be presentations of successful collaborative projects. Presentations will consist of a pair of talks given by a mathematician and a representative of industry. Besides mathematical and industrial perspective, the speakers are encouraged to describe the genesis and evolution of their project as well as gained experiences and benefits of mutual collaboration.


The workshop is organized by the Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences and


The seminar will be held in a hybrid mode with both onsite and online presence. Online participation will be possible via Zoom, and the details for connection will be sent to the registered participants prior the event. Onsite participation includes lunch, coffee, and refreshments.


8:45 registration
9:00 V. Havlena (CTU), M. Beneš (CTU), P. Strachota (CTU) - Full-order multiscale model of lithium-ion battery
9:40 M. Choma (Meteopress), P. Šimánek (CTU) - Physics-informed machine learning for precipitation forecasting
10:20 coffee & refreshments
10:50 T. Krátký (Centrum hydraulického výzkumu), J. Burkotová (UPOL) - Hydraulic design of pumps as an optimization problem
11:30 J. Kopačka (Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences) - Post-processing of topology optimization results for downstream analysis and additive manufacturing
12:00 lunch at the Institute of Mathematics
13:00 I. Mikulčík (Roechling), J. Kruis (CTU) - Mechanical analysis of plastic tanks based on shell and beam finite elements
13:40 O. Zobal (Knauf), T. Koudelka (CTU) - Coupled heat and moisture transfer in building envelopes: from 2D to 3D
14:20 coffee & refreshments
14:45 M. Kravčenko (VSB-TUO) - Towards cleaner environment (Collaboration with Orgrez a.s. on the development of software for efficient design of devices reducing NOx content in fuel gases)
15:15 T. Karásek (VSB-TUO) - On the road to the Digital Twin of the electric motor (Collaboration with Siemens s.r.o on the Development of a Virtual Model of the Electric Motor)
15:45 J. Tintěra (IKEM), K. Škardová (CTU) - Cardio-vascular examination using magnetic resonance imaging: Clinical demands and mathematical modeling
16:25 closing of the workshop


Registration is free of charge. It includes lunch and refreshments.

Organizing Committee


Jakub Šístek, email:


This workshop is financially supported by the program Breakthrough Technologies for the Future – Sensing, Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technologies of the Strategy AV21 of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Czech Network for Mathematics in Industry helps to promote this workshop both in the mathematical and industrial communities.

Strategy AV21 of the Czech Academy of Sciences Breakthrough Technologies for the Future European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation